Whether you are part of the Hordes or Alliance, you will agree that there’s one underlying fact that is consistent in both races, you need lots of Gold to succeed! World of Warcraft Gold is such a high commodity that there are people out there trying to steal it so they can be more successful in there battles and quests. If you want to be successful in your domination of world of Azeroth, hang out with us and we show you 3 proven ways to get that coveted World of Warcraft Gold.

The first technique is the Natural Technique. For you to get gold from this technique, you just need to do one thing. Work. Yes, work, when you setup your character, you need to assign him/her some professions (skills) that they can learn and improve on every time they level. (Upgrade to the next level). Did you think it was going to be some magical spell or special key combination? Sorry, but this is what makes this game so popular. Many people have stated that they just can not believe how real the game makes them feel. Your daily or constant duties as a character are to explore and find ways to earn more money. When creating your character, give him/her one or two professions like mining and skinning. When you level up, the skills of your character also increase. This means if you are a skinner, whenever you come into contact with animals or mobs you can kill them and use there fur as items to trade with (when you are killing humanoids, they give out the most gold). With Mining, make sure you run into all the caves you see and mine the deposits of ore in them. With some elbow grease and sweat, you can really stack up on the World of Warcraft GoldNow let’s look at how you can use our EBay technique to make more gold.

Utilizing the professions we gave our character in the last step, we are going to take the ore that we have mined and make them into metal bars. Metal Bars differ in value depending on the metal composition. Now we take our precious metal bars and head  Buy wow gold on over to the Auction House. This is where we watch the auctions and buy and sell all sorts of things. Just like EBay in real life, you list your items online and let the bidding war begin. There are so many players world wide that no matter what your price is for your bars, there will be someone out there that will pay for it. The one key that we need to remember when doing this technique is to make sure that we buy low and sell high to ensure we get more bang for the buck. Buying World of Warcraft Gold is easy when you have buyers buying up all your metal you mined when you were out and about. So, hard work does pay off. Be warned, our next technique is controversial and not appreciated by many.

This is the one that people have been talking about for the past few years. Another way to get your hands on some World of Warcraft Gold is to buy it. Not with metal bars or anything like that. Buy them with your hard earned cash. This practice is frowned upon by the developers of the Warcraft and there have been instances of people losing there accounts because of this. So use extreme caution if you decide that this is the absolute best way for you to advance. To find what the going rate is for these prized gold bricks, go to eBay and do a search and you will be amazed at how much some of these people are paying for their World of Warcraft GoldWell, we have showed you 3 great ways to amass these World of Warcraft Gold bars so now it’s up to you. Which way do you want to pursue this? You can either put in some work, buy low sell high items you acquire at the auction, or just bust out the credit card and pay for the gold you want or need.


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