Let’s define sports bets first. From the word itself “bet, inch is an activity whereby people predict the results of a game (on popular sport or not) and the wonderful place a certain amount of money on the result they think will be ufa1919 after the game. From horse racing, it now rises to popular sports such as baseball and football, and after this people do their bets activities online. The popularity of a team or even the actual sports event does not matter in this issue but only the end results after the game. The person who seems to lose to this have to pay the winner the amount he placed on his lost bet. For moralists, an activity bets is considered playing, and only very few states have written laws regarding this problem.

Take California, for example. This season the lawmakers of the said state removed misdemeanor and prison damages for those who commit sports bets, but then an excellent not exceeding beyond $250 has been added, as stated by the Section 336. 9 of the California Penal Code, Chapter 10. Along with Louisiana and Nevada, California does not allow its citizens from doing online bets outside their edges, although there is no federal law that makes online bets illegal. The cord act from the 60s is the only federal law that states that bettors are not allow to place table bets using the telephone. Not only is that, online bets in California is stated as illegal, according to its laws. This simply fact alone is very questionable, since the activity is not allowed but in online people can do so as long as it’s within the state edges. How can nys government explain this thing?

If in California are legal, then like Nevada, nys income will increase greatly without counting much to the film and media industry (there’s The movies in Los angeles, after all). This same prediction can happen too in the rest of American states, how the income could be stable too without counting too much on its main industries. In a positive outlook, it can be seen as a billion-dollar industry in america. Seeing this opportunity, California lawmakers are trying their full capacity to make it in California legal. This season, along with Nj, a bill was passed to the Senate to challenge the ban on bets. California officials support the claim of Nj which states that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 is a discriminatory bill because it only allows four states to practice sports bets legally while all of those other states cannot. Think about this assumed situation: the facts about Oregon citizens, for example, giving them the exclusivity to do sports bets that the citizens of Nj or California cannot? But while Nj and California officials are supporting the legalization of sports bets, they confirmed that they would not join the battle to make sports bets legal in the entire country. No news has yet been released about the results of this problem, but currently it is still clear that sports bets in California is still illegal.

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