World of Warcraft is a complex, yet easy to understand game. If you are new to the game, you will notice that creating your character is just the start of the epic journey. At first, everything you do is easy and straightforward. You are guided by the NPCs in the game and you complete missions and quests, which will teach you a lot about how to play the game and use the controls.   Even as you do that though, you will have to use some of the basics – earning and spending gold, buying and transporting items, killing specific type of monsters, discovering the location of specific items, monsters or players. You explore the world from day 1 and you learn new things as you go.

The game is long-lasting and even though we use the term end-game for most of the current raids, that’s what they are – current end game content until there is a new patch or a new expansion comes out – then it all changes and the end-game content changes too. For example, if you were on Ulduar several months ago as end game content, now you’re in Icecrown citadel and in a few months you will be in cataclysm raid content. Your journey never ends and you learn new skills and abilities to put to use all the time as your character levels up. Figuring out how to use your new skills and abilities also improves your mentality and you are using your imagination to figure out what to do, how to do it, and eventually – how to master your class and play it to the best of your ability. This is not an easy process, and it requires a lot of experience, fast reactions, understanding of your class, gear, decisions which gems and enchants to use and over-all – what choices to make to get the most out of your chosen class.

The questing in World of Warcraft is extremely interesting – if you take your time to read on the quests and the completion requirements, you will learn a lot about the lore behind World of Warcraft, about why certain events took place in Azeroth. Everything in World of Warcraft happens for a reason and you will never have the feeling that you are doing something without a reason – every action has its consequences, every decision you make leads to certain changes in the world and in your character.

As a large part of World of Warcraft is combat based, you Buy wow gold  will also have to use your intelligence to master your character- allowing you to prevail over monsters, other players, PvP combat, raid bosses and much more. You will have to learn to be innovative, clever, quick, versatile, and responsible and work in a team with others in order to succeed.

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