Facebook Advertising Tip: Using The Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook has the most massive online membership in comparison with other social media networking sites and as of last count, it already is on the brim of the one hundred million mark, and these members are not the lethargic kind that signs up and forgets about the whole thing after but quite the contrary and they not only regularly access their Facebook profiles, they also linger at the site performing a lot of other activities such as games, chat, upload photos, search friends, et cetera. You can just imagine the marketing potential this population offers if you can only just harness it and use it to your full advertising advantage. There are even specific Facebook groups and fan groups separated based on interest, hobbies, educational attainment, school, and a whole lot more and if any of this groups matches the demographics that you want to hit, then you will surely have no problem hitting your sales mark.

The Facebook Ads Manager is a  local classifieds  very helpful Tool that helps you operate multiple advertising ads, even numbering by the thousands, and track their performances so that you can make the necessary adjustments on your ad campaign in Facebook. Here are some of the many benefits of the Facebook Advertising Manager.

Yes, the Facebook Advertising Manager is quite expensive but the advantage that it provides overpowers the cost of having it. While Facebook regularly upgrades its systems because of the growing number of its users, the Facebook Ads Manager also makes sure that it is always in sync with the latest Facebook technologies and the upgrades that it undertakes.

And the Facebook Ads Manager, with its toolbar, lets you create Facebook ads whichever way you want, providing an amazing tool that can help you alter and submit an ad to Facebook itself for approval. You can do split testing by text, images, age, location, and sex and you can put a peg on the settings that you want so that the next time you log in, it already knows the parameters that you have set and you do not need to remember the same setting all over again.

The Facebook Ads Manager will help you save more time and allows you to take care of your other tasks since you do not need to personally and manually create your ads since the new tool can create more ads and distribute them in a click to as many places as you want.

There are many types of PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns that have generated billions of dollars in revenue for both advertisers and publishers. The most popular of these, Google AdSense, continues to make billions of dollars and generate Internet based sales for thousands of companies. However, Facebook ads have quickly become a major competitor in this field. Their highly targeted social network traffic and tools to access specific demographics has created significant EPC (Earning per click) for those who have chosen to use their valuable PPC traffic.

Facebook ads typically appear on the right side of the screen next to the content individuals are viewing. Because they allow for both image and a much larger amount of copy compared to Google text ads the attention grabbing abilities are much greater than the typical PPC text ads. Both broad advertising campaigns as well as locally targeted ones have had great success at generating leads and sales. Unfortunately, the one drawback that seems to scare many potential advertisers away are the high CPC (cost-per-click) prices in many niches due to stiff competition for keywords and key demographics. Those who cannot compete at the high level of cost per click prices simply must find alternative solutions or do they?

There are several ways to get free Facebook ads via coupons and other bonuses companies have to offer. However, these are usually redeemed after making significant purchases from partner companies. But, a team of individuals discovered a loophole in the system that allows people to continually generate free Facebook ad traffic. Obviously if everyone found out this trick the competitive advantage would quickly close so these 3 geniuses have decided to share their knowledge with a select few individuals for a price.

So why are these guys offering up this information if it is such a competitive secret? First of all, I would assume this builds huge authority in the Internet marketing community. The higher your status is in the affiliate marketing world the more joint ventures will come your way. So, in the short run, these guys may be giving up some competitive advantage by revealing their secrets. In the long run though, all the success subscribers will garner by purchasing the GetFBAdsFree course will make these guys superstars. Everyone will know the legitimacy of their programs and they will reap the rewards long-term for sharing their information rather than hoarding their Internet marketing secrets.



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