Living With a Pre Teen Drama Queen

I live with a pre-teen Drama Queen. My daughter was always the child who was happy to be alive. She woke up happy every day, went to bed happy, and like the Cyndi Lauper song, “Girls just want to have fun.” My daughter just wanted to have fun.

Then the raging hormones of her pre- teen years hit.
That’s when life drastically changed for my husband and I living in our household.

Everything we knew and trusted ended, and a new uncomfortable life of hell took over. Okay, I can’t say it is a hellish existence all the time. It’s only a hellish nightmare when our daughter is tired, when it is morning, and when we relax.

I feel like I have the daughter from the one Disney cartoon, “Phineas and Ferb”. Her name is Candace. She is a major drama queen, and reminds me of my daughter. Candace becomes upset when her two brothers conjure up new exciting projects. This is when Candace yells, “Mom, Phineas and Ferb are building a new rocket ship!”

Her mother never sees what is going on, because she doesn’t believe Candace, and thinks she is making it all up, in her Drama Queen existence.

My daughter yells and screams about almost everything. She will yell if her clothes don’t match. She yells when there is nothing to eat. She screams when she can’t find something in her room, or she is late for the bus. Just this morning she was yelling that her throat hurt so much that she couldn’t possibly make it to school. As my husband ran out the front door for work, I was left alone with the screamer.

I figured if she could yell, she was well enough to go to school. I grabbed two Tylenols, and some orange Dramacool  juice. I gave her them to ease her aching throat. She continued yelling that her throat ached as she clutched her throat, and yelled in sheer agony. I figured she had a test or two today that she didn’t study for. As I turned around and headed for the stairs I told our burgeoning actress to get dressed, and get ready for school.

It is to the point where I let her howl, and go on with my day. You see, I am at the point where she has screamed in terror so many times, that I am used to the screaming and I have chosen not to give in to her melodrama anymore. She is very much like the little boy who cried wolf.

Her screams started at about nine, and have continued until now. I know that she needs to mature,and that she needs to deal with small problems on her own. I also know that she craves attention and is going through a major life changing experience right now with starting middle school, and having been uprooted from her childhood town and friends.

My husband and I do everything we can to help our daughter, but


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