Put Your Best Foot Forward With Morph Transitions in PowerPoint 2016

Building a swashbuckling PowerPoint presentation indeed is not an easy affair. To craft a good example of PPT one requires regimentation of thoughts, precise content and off course good transition features too.

Working on the last aspect mentioned above, Microsoft has brought a brand new transition type or feature simply known as “Morph”. With this innovative “Morph” feature it is now lot more simple to craft attractive slide templates as the building block for an exceptional PPT example. Most amazing facet of Morph is that it can be applied automatically to move or transform objects, shapes, charts, SmartArt, pictures, words or characters across the PowerPoint templates and best part is that all this can be done with just one click.

Going by the dictionary meaning Morph is defined as “To change smoothly from one image to another using computer animation”.   This is what this new automatic feature encompasses for users i.e. smoothly bring change.

With Morph’s cool features it is pretty simple to zoom in, spin, resize and alter colors of an object in a slide PPT. Similarly, word ppt design company rotation, font resizing, alteration in font type etc. can also be applied. There is more, as movement of characters can also be achieved with Morph. One significant point that needs to be underlined here is, keeping the character case or capitalization same for the whole slide is essential to apply this transition. Last but not least, PowerPoint 2016 and Office 365 is an essential requirement to apply Morph.

Now, let’s comprehend how exactly Microsoft’s new automatic Morph feature works.
First and foremost, to apply any sort of Morph two identical PPT slides are required. This can be obtained by copying one slide design. If not identical, than the two presentation slides should have at least one common feature so as to apply any sort of Morph.

Coming to application of Morph in PowerPoint Presentations, than it is a short and simple just a three step procedure:

1. Firstly, make a replica of the original slide by clicking “Duplicate Slide” option or simply with Ctrl+D.

2. Secondly, apply desired alterations in the replica or second PPT slide.

3. Finally, apply Morph transitions in replica or second PPT slide to move objects, words or character as per your style.

Let’s have a close look at the step by step procedure for better comprehension of the Morph application.

1. To apply the transition just select or pick the second replica slide.

2. After this bring the cursor on the ribbon or tool bar to select “Transition Tab” or in case of Android “Transition Effect”.

3. A menu will open here. From this menu select “Morph”.

4. On selecting “Morph”, further various “Effect Options” will open like Objects, Words or Characters.

5. Now select the desired option as per requirement to apply Morph.

6. Apart from this, adjacent to “Effect Options” other options like of “Sound”, “Duration” and “Apply to all” will highlight.

7. Set these parameters as per the requirement of the specific PowerPoint show.
In nut shell, Morph actually bring myriad of effects to make a PPT model truly a jaw dropping one. Another equally significant factor here is that it saves users precious time, which otherwise could have gone waste to create same effect with Motion Path Animation.

By and large, Morph makes object, word or character movement pretty smooth thereby giving a professional touch. Moreover, as Morph is an automatic transition feature hence there is no need to understand the theory. Simply click and start!


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