Are you looking for the perfect digital camera to suit your needs? Yes? Well I’m sure you want me to tell you what the best and most efficient digital camera on the market today is, right? But in fact there are a few things you really need to ask yourself before purchasing a camera:


  • How much are you willing to pay for a camera?
  • What is the main purpose of your camera?
  • How often will you use your camera?
  • What kind of features do you want your camera to have?
  • Are you looking to print out nice and crisp, good quality pictures?
  • Do you want video recording with your camera?


There are so many questions you can ask nikon z digital camera yourself when it comes to buying yourself the perfect camera, but this is all entirely up to you and what your specific needs are when purchasing the right camera for you.

Most people use their digital camera for personal use, just to capture those special moments and memories in life. But if you don’t have the right sort of camera that doesn’t have all the features you want, doesn’t take high quality photos, cannot print high quality images due to your camera not having enough megapixels, then this could really ruin those onetime special moments, especially if you are on holiday!

Today you can get reasonably cheap, good quality digital cameras that take sharp, crisp and clear photos, which we all want and love to see. There are a couple of things we want to look for when purchasing a good quality camera:


  • Megapixels: Any camera with more than 5 megapixels is good. This allows you to print your photos on A4 pieces of paper/photo paper without the image losing resolution and getting pixelated. In other words your image won’t get blurry as it increases in size.
  • Zoom: Zoom is a big factor when purchasing a digital camera. Normally most digital cameras these days have optical zoom, which we want, NOT digital zoom. Anything which has 3X optical zoom and over for a digital camera is good, as these cameras are normally cheap.
  • Battery: With any cheap cameras, most of them will require you to use AA batteries over and over again. I don’t know about you but I hate purchasing batteries every time they get flat, sure you can use rechargeable batteries, but why not purchase a digital camera that already comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, and this will save save you time and money. The only downside to this is that these cameras will normally just cost you a little bit more.


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