The World Of Green Tea

Although it’s been known in places like China and Japan for thousands of years, the green tea sensation is just now sweeping countries in North America and Europe. This tea is now well known and loved for its smooth flavor google and incredible benefits. Green tea, in fact, is enjoyed with extra flavors, such as honey and lemon or citrus, as an iced tea drink and steeped and steamed like other forms of tea.

Despite its ever-growing popularity, some people do not fully understand the benefits of green tea or what really justifies all the buzz. The truth is green tea can deliver some serious health-related perks while also offering a light, refreshing flavor that many people have come to adore.

A closer look at green tea, how it’s made and the benefits can help make it clear why this sensation is sweeping the world. No matter how it’s consumed, green tea offers some perks that other beverages simply cannot compete with.

Where Does Green Tea Come From?

Green tea is grown mostly in Asian countries where a plant called Camellia sinensis is from. This particular plant is also used to make many of the black tea varieties that people have enjoyed for thousands of years. Although both teas get their start from the same basic plant, there are some major differences between the two in appearance, flavor and health benefits.

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