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Almost everyone knows about ceramics, whether it’s a ceramic tea strainer, a floor tile, kitchen wares, or even ceramic dog bowls, this material is present in almost every home. However, they are not restricted to tools inside the house alone, ceramics can also be found outdoors such as a ceramic garden stool, ceramic pixies and fairies, and ceramic house numbers that tells your address in a very beautiful and elegant manner. But have you ever wondered why ceramics are so popular? Why they seem to be no different than regular kinds of glass, but a lot of people prefer them as compared to plastics and even metals? This is because ceramics are very tough materials, although they may appear fragile like glass, they are very difficult to break. You would know this if you have tried activities like drilling creaming tile or removing ceramic tile. They can also withstand a wide range of temperatures, especially hot ones that can range up to 1,600 degrees centigrade. Normal glass and ceramic manufacturer plastic cannot do this for you. That is why it safe to say that most ceramic items, if not all are microwaveable and dishwasher friendly.

The great thing about ceramics however, is that even though they have been around for a very long time, even centuries, recent uses for this material are emerging. As you may know ceramics were originally crafted for potteries. But with the discovery of piezoelectric effect, which states that crystal like materials such as ceramics can actually produce voltages of electricity when a mechanical pressure is applied to them, this material is now being used for sound producing items like microphones and speakers. A Piezo ceramic element is responsible for creating resonance on these items. Ceramics can now also be found in your car and your son’s skateboard. Ceramic brake pads are quickly replacing traditional pads made of asbestos or metal, and are more efficient when it comes to noise reduction and increasing the lifespan of your tires. Wheels on skateboards, roller blades, and other items are now installed with ceramic ball bearings. These bearings are tougher than their steel counterparts and operate with a lot less friction helping the wheels reach greater speeds.

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