World of Warcraft Gold Making – The Top Four Add Ons For Mega Gold

There are almost as many ways to go about World of Warcraft gold making as there are players in the game. Each day, people from all over the world log onto WoW and spend countless hours trying many of them over and over again. However, the top tier players will all tell you that the secret to success is in having the right add-ons for the game client. So, based on input from many of the top players in WoW, here’s a compilation of the top four add-ons to help you master the best way to make money in the game — the auction house.

The problem with the auction house that without addition “add-ons” for your game client, using the AH to make lots of money requires a lot of time and pen and paper to crunch numbers. You have to spend days searching the auction house and writing down prices of things you are interested in. Then you have to check back in a couple of days to see if the initial prices were accurate and track differences in prices, etc. It’s a very time consuming process. If you want to make record money in record time you have to use add-ons. This is a list of the most popular add-ons to successfully master the World of Warcraft auction house.


Auctionator allows you to buy in bulk and in various amounts which allows more control of you World of Warcraft gold making. In addition, the scan feature of Auctionator works far better and more consistently than similar features in other add-ons.


Auctioneer is the grand daddy of all auction house mods. Auctioneer’s strength lies in its search capabilities. It has, by far, the most extensive ability to perform searches based on vendor items, resale items, etc. Auctioneer lets you use any search criteria you can think of to find profitable items.

Market Watcher

Market Watcher’s big claim to fame is its ability to scan for specific Buy wow gold  items on your shopping list and graph values over daily, weekly and monthly timelines which will give great statistical pricing and trends.


Postal is great because it allows you to empty your mail box automatically. This becomes increasingly important as you continue to use the auction house. Postal allows you to retrieve more than the game allowed 50 items at a time, thus freeing up your time for other World of Warcraft gold making tasks.


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