World of Warcraft Tips For Beginners

If you are a neophyte in the World of Warcraft intimidation is not a sign of weakness rather it is a clue that you are really meant to be part of the league of the great. As King Philipp of Macedonia said it, “Greatness is a rare field air one has to be taught how to breathe.” So it will be in the World of Warcraft. And because you are and Alexander it is just fitting that you be taught how to be great in this game. Here are some tips for you:

Tip 1. Strengthen your feeble knees and steady your weak Buy wow gold  hands. This means that before you go on questing ready yourself first with enough money for acquiring weapons and so on. Usually this is done not later than you reach level 10.

Tip 2. Be prudent with your resources. Just because you earned money means you have enough for the rest of the battle. What you have to do with your earned money is that you buy large bags for you to collect more gold. Remember that WoW gold is the most prized commodity in the World of Warcraft.

Tip 3. Know the language of trading. Auction Houses are the place where the goods are sold. So you better be acquainted with the prices of the items sold there. It also is the avenue for you to trade with other players.

Tip 4. Exploits are as always highly encouraged. In the World of Warcraft you have the entire prerogative to pick up whatever items you can be it the items dropped by an enemy killed by you or the items you want to trade with others. Either of the two is absolutely no ta against the rules.

Tip 5. Always have with you a counselor. In the World of Warcraft the WoW Quest Helper serves as your Aristotle and Socrates to win the game. So it is good that you heed the tips of the WoW Quest Helper.


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